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What environmental protection concepts should be emphasized in paper bag processing

Issuing time:2021-08-09 11:27

There are many materials for paper bags. Nowadays, the most important thing is the environmental protection of paper bags processing. What is the environmental protection concept of paper bag processing? The following is Tianyou Mei Paper Bag Processing Plant to explain the environmental protection concept of paper bag processing for you:

There are many kinds of paper bags, various kinds of materials and styles.

According to the material can be divided into: white cardboard paper bags, white cardboard paper bags, copper cardboard paper bags, kraft paper bags, and a small amount of special paper manufacturing.

First, green

As we all know, paper is a kind of recyclable resource. The raw materials of paper making are mainly plant fibers. In addition to cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition, there are auxiliary ingredients such as sodium sulfate. In addition to plant fibers, paper also needs to add different fillers according to different paper materials. The usual plastic bags made from polyethylene are made from petroleum, which is our scarce energy source. In contrast, paper bags are made from trees and are a renewable resource. Its own biodegradable and recyclable characteristics are naturally labelled green.

2. Not environmentally friendly

Not all paper bags are degradable. Some paper bags are pressed with plastic film. If the film material is polyvinyl chloride, it will not only harm human health, but also affect the normal decomposition of paper material. In addition, paper production is still using logs as the main material, excessive production of paper bags, resulting in a large number of trees felled, will also damage the environment. The immaturity of papermaking technology has resulted in a large amount of waste water and exhaust gas produced in the production process. If the treatment equipment is backward, it will lead to untreated or incomplete discharge, which can still pollute the environment.

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