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Why do paper handbags need to be covered?

Issuing time:2021-08-09 11:27

Why do paper handbags need to be covered?

The main materials used in paper bags are white cardboard, kraft paper, copperplate paper, special paper, etc. When making handbags, merchants usually print patterns and advertising slogans on paper bags, and then use film-coating technology. Only after covering, the pattern on the paper bag can be maintained for a longer time, and the paper bag will also be more durable.

Coating refers to the use of transparent plastic film to protect and increase gloss by hot-pressing on the surface of printed matter. Coating is one of the main processes of post-press processing, which requires a clean, flat, non-blurred surface, no wrinkles, no blistering.

After the bag is covered with film, it can protect the paper bag to reduce wear and tear, make the printing pattern brighter and less easy to be destroyed, thus prolonging the service life of the bag. At the same time, plastic film can also play a moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant, refractory, chemical corrosion and other protective role.

The effect of different Film-covering process is also different. If it is covered with sub-film, the color of the paper bag will be darker than before, more stable and elegant, while the paper bag will be more brilliant and faster.

Film-coating technology has been widely used in the printing industry. Common film-coating packaging products include cartons, cartons, handbags, sticker labels, etc.

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